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Center for Immigration Studies - miscellaneous CIS videos of office staff

Here is a collection of selected videos from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Jessica Vaughan testifies at a U.S. Senate UAFA Hearing.

Panel: Illegal, But Not Undocumented

Part I: Panelist Statements by Stewart Baker, Ronald W. Mortensen, Mark Krikorian, Janice Kephart, Bryan Griffith (October, 2009).

Part II: Question and Answer Session.

Immigration, Population, and the Environment: Experts to Debate Impact of Current Policies

Part I: Panelist Statements - Steven A. Camarota, Philip Cafaro, Don Weeden, Bryan Griffith, Andrew Light

Part II: Question and Answer Session. Current U.S. immigration policies will increase America's population by about 100 million people over the next half-century. Past attempts to restructure the federal immigration program have often included debates on assimilation, health care, education, labor, and many other issues. But the environmental impact of immigration-driven population growth is practically always missing from the discussion, despite the fact that environmental concerns are high on the Obama Administrations priority list.

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