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Here is a collection of selected videos with Janice Kephart Director of National Security Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Why We Need Secure Driver Licenses Part I: The 9/11 Story

With the disconnect between the significant progress of states in securing their ID issuance processes and the on-the-record concerns of the President-Elect, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has produced a two-part educational video series narrated by the Center's Director of National Security Policy, Janice Kephart. (2009)

Three Years of Fraud in the U.S.: The Case of Manoj Kargudri

Janice Kephart discusses how the Department of Homeland Security that would be responsible for carrying out an amnesty of 12 million illegal aliens still cannot ferret out fraud in a single simple employment petition even eight years after 9/11. Janice Kephart examines the case of Manoj Kargudri, an Indian national who exploited simple loopholes in our immigration system five times over three years to enter and remain in the United States. (2009)

Border Basics: Why We Need Secure Driver Licenses, Part II

Janice Kephart discusses US border security and the need for secure drivers licences. (2009)

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