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The Center for Immigration Studies is the nation's only research organization that focuses solely on research related to United States immigration policy. This website contains videos of and about the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). These include video interviews, documentaries and news debates and discussions on legal and illegal immigration. CIS studies the social, fiscal, economic and environmental consequences of mass immigration.

CIS's Mark Krikorian states that Center for Immigration Studies work makes the case for pro-immigrant policy of low immigration - fewer immigrants, but a warmer welcome. Mark Krikorian points out CIS research shows that today's mass immigration of more than a million immigrants per year is not compatible with a modern society. Our country has changed from a hundred years ago. Krikorian notes that we have matured, making it more difficult to take in high levels of immigrants than in the past.

Krikorian goes on to say that the Center for Immigration Studies examines the internal workings of the immigration system from the perspective of those charged with implementing our laws. CIS highlights the mismatch between policy debates and the actual capacity of our federal agencies, whether visa offices abroad, on the US-Mexico border, or in the United States interior.

CIS is the most frequent non-governmnet witness on immigration issues at Congressional hearings, and the most widely-cited source in the media.

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